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All the following dogs are currently in foster care or are in need of fostering. If you are interested in any of these dogs, please email us and let us know exactly what/who you caught your interest.

We also ask that you complete an online application (Click here) so that we can contact you directly. Also, if you have any questions (including our adoption fees) you can check out the FAQ page.  Please be sure to check your email (and junk mail) for any replies!

 Please check us out on facebook.  Former adopters can look for the facebook group "Boxer Rescue de Albuquerque" and everyone can like our facebook page: "Boxer Rescue of Albuquerque" - we have all our newest dogs on this page!

Albuquerque Boxers - Available - Need Foster Homes For Our Roswell Dogs!!!


Diesel is an adorable, unique boxer.  A (somewhat, see below) rare white boxer with one blue and one brown eye.  He also has a full tail and normal ears (not cropped).  His profound under bite adds to his loving personality.

He will greet you with licks and slobber every time!  Diesel is good with other dogs, cats, and children; although he is a little bit of a bull in the china shop.  If you are not careful he could knock you or your children over, or just not get out of your way when you need to get by. 

A good home for Diesel would have plenty of carpeted areas since he does have hip displasia.  However, we had the hip operated on and it is healing nicely.  Diesel loves to run outdoors and is still a bit of a puller on a leash.  He was found emaciated near Clovis NM but has gained significant weight and strength so be careful not to over feed this giant. His foster dog brother and sister as well as the rest of our family will miss him dearly.

Please send us an email to meet him.

Thanks Chad and Chelsea for fostering Diesel!


Here is Dakota, a young white male boxer who is also deaf.  He also has dual colored eyes!

Dakota is very good with other dogs male and female (been around many boxers) and is very good with kids - loves to just walk around with my grandkids as he is very gentle with them.

He has not been around cats so unsure if he would okay with them.  He does not like the chickens and ducks (or maybe we should say he has a fairly high prey drive with chickens and ducks - wants to catch them and somewhat overy focused on them).

He loves to fetch, likes water, enjoys sitting on your lap - he thinks he's a lap dog, loves to give kisses, is high energy (very rarely does he rest), is crate trained and potty trained (he's never had a accident in the house. Because he's deaf  he's been taught sit and down using hand signals 

Please send us an email to meet him.

Thanks Roxanne and Eddie for fostering Dakota!


Calling all Boxer lovers!!! Reggie, a beautiful 10-year old Boxer boy, is in search of a new furever home. Reggie's human daddy passed away and his mommy moved to the Denver area in mid March to be close to family.

Our Farmington Boxer rescue representative met Reggie and only wonderful things to say about this dear boy emphasizing that Reggie is in excellent shape (although he could probably stand to lose just a little weight).

Reggie is neutered, healthy, current on his vaccinations (Reggie sees the doctors at Valley Vet Clinic in Farmington), is very friendly (good with his foster siblings but unknown about cats, and he knows sit and down commands.

He must live as an indoor dog with a secure yard preferably with a dog door. As all of our dogs, Reggie's adoption will involve a thorough interview, home visit and, hopefully, a donation to the rescue instead of an adoption fee.

Please send us an email if you can help him.






Thanks Stanley and Sandy for caring for Reggie!

Please fill out the adoption form if you're interested in any of our dogs AND send an email to us for a quick response!

Roswell Boxers

We could use help with fostering any of our Roswell dogs so we can get them to Albuquerque and help them find their forever home quickly!  Our Roswell contact is no longer available to pull dogs.  If anyone wants to help working with the shelter in Roswell and fostering, please contact us ASAP!

Las Cruces Boxers

Alamogordo Boxers

Shelter Boxers

For Adoption By Owner/Rescue

For Adoption by Owner - Disclaimer

BRA almost always has a lack of foster homes, and therefore regretfully cannot serve every single Boxer dog in New Mexico who is displaced. We devised this page as a way for the public to be notified of additional Boxer dogs in need, but BRA does not get involved with behavior evaluations, health checks, vaccinations, etc. You, as the adopter, must understand from the family and the dog's records, what health or behavioral issues may exist. Boxer Rescue of Albuquerque does not charge a fee to the family to list the dog here or to the adopter who "adopts" the dog. We do not advocate offering pets for free, but it is ultimately up to each individual family whether they will charge a fee to the new person acquiring the dog (it's best for the dog if s/he comes with a fee because it helps to weed out people who acquire unwanted pets for use in dog fighting rings or who sell to animal testing facilities, etc.). Though the Boxers on this page remain with their families and do not enter our rescue program, we still care very much about the dog's well being and fate. That is why we allow descriptions to be posted here, in hopes that we can help a Boxer find a better home than if the family were to just give the dog away or take him or her to a shelter.

Our FABO dogs Max, Missy, Guera, Camber, Murphy, Holly, Matilda and Milo have all found new homes while Buffy is back in her original home!

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